Harry Potter

First of all, I would like to apologise for my absence on my on site for so long! But, I’m back now and I have some interesting topics to share with all of you. Starting with my latest LOVE, Harry Potter!!

Ahh, yes, Harry Potter, a Fandom loved by many. Including me! I absolutely adore The Harry Potter Book Series and I’m currently reading my way through book 6 of the series, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. I’m finding the plot to be very entertaining so far, but I won’t give out any spoilers in case there are other Potter-Heads reading this.

One factor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that I am particularly interested in right now, is the School Houses. There are four of these particular houses, all of which have their own characteristics.

First is Gryffindor, perhaps the most well known of all the Hogwarts houses due to being the house of the main characters in the series, Gryffindors are known to be daring, brave, creative and passionate. The Gryffindors house symbol is a lion and their house colors are red and gold. The most well known Gryffindors of the series are The Golden Trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Secondly we have Slytherin, the rival of Gryffindor and the supposed ‘Evil’ house of Hogwarts. Slytherins are known to be cunning, ambitious, resourceful, charming people. The Slytherins house emblem sports a Green Pit Viper. The Slytherin house colors are green and silver. The most well known Slytherins of the series are Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle and Voldemort.

Next, we have Ravenclaw, the brains of the houses. Ravenclaws are well known for their wit, knowledge and originality. The Ravenclaw house has a bird on their emblem, but it’s not the bird you might be thinking of, The Ravenclaw house has not a raven as an emblem but an eagle. Ravenclaws house colors are blue and bronze. The most known Ravenclaws are Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang.

And last but not least, we have Hufflepuff. Sometimes referred to as the ‘weak’ house, Hufflepuffs are not as competitive as the other houses. Hufflepuffs are kind, fair and trustworthy people. Hufflepuffs have a badger for their emblem and their house colors are yellow and black. The most well known Hufflepuffs are Cedric Diggory and Nymphadora Tonks.

If you are curious to find out about your Hogwarts house, click the video below to take a personality test and find out! Comment what house you got below the article. 🙂

What Are Fidgets?

The latest trend among children and young adults lately have been fidgets. You may have heard about fidgets from grandchildren, children, friends or other family. In todays post I will be telling you all about fidgets and their purpose. [1.2.]

What Are Fidgets? Fidgets are toys that are designed for mental and physical pleasure. They can be anything from reusable bubble wrap to a cube that you can play with forever. Fidgets are made for your enjoyment. There are many different forms of fidgets and you can get all different kinds depending on what you like fidgeting with best. [3.]

Types Of Fidgets There are millions of different types of fidgets but if you are wondering about basics here are just a few common fidget names you might hear: POP IT ( infinity Bubble Wrap), Infinity Cube ( a cube to play with forever), Marble Mesh ( a marble inside a tube to play with and squish), Monkey noodles ( Long, stretchy cylinders of plastic to stretch and play with). These are just a few of the most common fidgets you may hear of, this may sound like a lot to you but trust me, we have only begun to scratch the surface. [4.5.]

What Can I Use Them For? Fidgets are used very differently among the age gap of adults and children. Whilst adults use fidgets to relieve stress and anxiety both at home and at work, children prefer to change the fidgets into something more fun, for example a game. This game being a popular trend nowadays, No Talk Fidget Trading. The video below shows an example of what no talk fidget trading looks like and if you want to know more about this game the same channel that published this video also has a video about how the ‘No Talk Fidget Trading’ game works.

Where Can I Get One? Getting fidgets is a very simple task that you can do from both at home or in town. Most dollar stores nowadays will sell some of the simpler fidgets like pop its, but if you are looking for more of a range or some better quality fidgets they also sell them on websites like eBay and Amazon. [6.7.]

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Elf On The Shelf

With Christmas coming closer lots of Christmasy things have already started to pop up here and there. One of these items being the Elf On The Shelf. In todays post I will be telling you what an Elf On The Shelf is, a little bit about my Elf On The Shelf and what types of elves they are as well. [1.2.]

What Is An Elf On The Shelf? This is a question most people may be asking…what is an Elf On The Shelf? Well, an Elf On The Shelf is a little scout sent from Santa to watch children in the lead up to Christmas Day. The Elf On The Shelf can be a boy or a girl, and appears magically on the 1st of December. Each night your Elf On The Shelf will move around the house and do something cheeky. Then when you wake up, you have to go and look for them. The Elf On The Shelf is great fun and I think its really worth having one. [3.4.]

My Elf My Elf On The Shelf is a male elf named Elfie, he is like most other elves and loves getting into mischief. But this little elf never does anything without his partner in crime…Elfwardo! Elfwardo is my brothers elf, he is also a boy and is just as cheeky as Elfie. They are bad enough by themselves but together, they are the naughtiest elves you’ll ever meet! They love doing cheeky things like hiding around the house, playing with dolls and just making a mess! [5.]

Types Of Elves Even though the most common and easiest to find type of elf is of course the adult, male, red elf. There are many more types and colours as well.

The first colour is black, the black Elf On The Shelf is known to be the naughtiest elf. It is supposed to be at least two times worse than the regular red elf. They are said to be based on the dark elves in Norse mythology, and to be honest, they are just as bad as them! [6.7.]

The next type of elf is the pink elf. The pink elf is supposed to be mostly girls only but there have been pink boy elves made too. The pink elves are the nicest elves and are both kind and loving. The pink elves love setting up activities for you and are the least troublesome kind of elf (but can be cheeky too!) [8.9.]

Another type of elf is the yellow elf. The yellow Elf On The Shelf is said to be the rarest type of elf ever made. Nicknamed the banana elf, the yellow elf is silly and has a good sense of humour. They are determined and like to think big! [10.11]

Next up is the blue elf, the blue elf is a brave and adventurous kind of elf. They like to go in the most unimaginable places and are very courageous. Make sure you keep an eye on your blue elf if you get one! They’ll run away as soon as they get the chance! [12.13.]

For the fifth type, we have the green elf on the shelf. The green elves are normally very eager and energetic. They love to run around the house and will move whenever they can. The green elves will definitely cause some extra trouble when they can! [14.15.]

The last kind of elf are the adorable baby elves! These elves have got to be my absolute favourite type of elves as they are cute and love hanging out with their elf parents. They like to cause mischief but they never do anything without elf parent supervision. They are like adults and also have their own colours but they are yet to show the traits unless they are old enough. [16.17.]

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Recently here in Thailand we have been allowed to go travelling domestically. As it is slowly coming back to normal my family and I decided is that it would be a good idea to go on a holiday to Phuket. So in this post I am going to cover what is open on this island, some activities for you and how we got there. [1.]

Getting To Phuket. It may seem like its almost impossible to travel these days, that’s not quite the case. Like in many other countries currently, Thailand is now allowing domestic travel. So, although my mother did have to go through the trouble of rebooking a few times, we did not necessarily encounter any other major problems during our travel. We had to show evidence of a negative Covid test upon check in and vaccine certificates. We travelled by Air Asia with no troubles and I believe the service was fantastic, definitely five star. [2.]

Accommodation For our accommodation in Phuket, my family and I had two places we stayed, one resort was http://www.katapoolside.com which is located at Kata Beach in Phuket. Kata Poolside Resort was very comfortable for families especially, with a huge pool to entertain the kids and the beach only a 2 minute walk away its perfect for the holidays. [3. 4.]

The second resort we stayed at whilst in Phuket was a beautiful hotel called Naiharn On The Rock Resort. It had spacious, bungalow style rooms and a great view. An amazing restaurant and Minimart is also on site. One of the major drawcards is that it only takes about 2-3 minutes to walk to the beach. I would recommend this hotel to families, couples, friends or just solo travellers as the rooms are the perfect size and it suits anyone and everyone. [5.]

Activities Whilst we were in Phuket we did end up with quite some time on ours hands. Well, luckily we were able to find some amazing activities to do, maybe they may be of interest to you as well!

One of the first activities that we did was hair braiding. Phuket is well known for its hair braiding for girls (and boys if you like). I got my hair braided, I had six braids ( three on each side) each with coloured beads on the end. This is only one of the many styles that they do for hair braiding, you can get two huge multicoloured braids, you can get lots of tiny multicoloured braids, you can get anything! [6.]

This activity may seem a little obvious but…how about going to the beach? There are so many great activities for both kids and adults! Go for a swim in the crystal clear waters, maybe try snorkelling in the coral reefs, you can also have a go at surfing and possibly build a sand structure as well. I defiantly recommend doing this as it is both healthy and fun.

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Staying Organised At School: 3 tips

So, in my last post we covered staying organised and successful at online school, but what about when we return to face to face learning? Well, in this post I am going to share how I like to stay organised when we get back to face-to-face learning.

1. Try and get to class on time. Getting to class on time ensures that you do not get in trouble and do not miss any information that may be of use. I try to get to all of my classes on time and it is much better than being late, I always have time to prepare for class and sometimes to have a chat to my friends. If you do not know where your classes are or when they happen, ask a friend who knows to go with you or ask your teacher for a schedule. [ 1. 2.]

2. Take Time To Study. This is especially important to do if you do not understand the lesson. Studying with friends, by yourself, with help from parents or even with your teacher is a smart idea to ace the next quiz. By studying your brain is able to take in more information or understand it more if you memorise or practice the subject you are studying. I spend at least an hour studying subjects that I have tests or quizzes on. Sometimes I spend more time studying if I do not understand a certain subject, and it has helped me a lot. [3. 4.]

3. Limit Screen Time. By limiting screen-time on weekdays ( especially before bed ) your brain functions better. My parents do not allow my brother and I to play video-games on weekdays and even if we get annoyed sometimes, the rule helps us focus on school and homework instead of how much health we have in a game of Minecraft! [5. 6.]

4.Ask Questions. The most clever students in classes are always the kids that ask questions when they don’t understand. You can ask the teacher, your friends or even your parents. The kids who do not understand but say nothing never do well in quizzes or assessments because they still have no idea what to do. So when you are listening, you can ask yourself the question: ‘Do I understand this?’ This is called metacognition or thinking about your thinking. You should not be afraid of asking questions, because even the simplest questions help you learn more and grow into becoming a smarter and better person. [7. 8.]

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Successful Online Learning: 5 tips

Lots of kids struggle to be successful when learning online. Personally, I find with online there is often more work and its harder to get things to the teacher. I had a hard time when I was new to online learning, but now I am one of the best students in the class when it comes to turning in work and getting things done. Today I will be sharing my tips on how to be successful during online learning.

  1. Be Prepared. Before the day starts you might want to make sure you have everything you need such as: your computer, pens and pencils, sharpeners and anything else you might use at school that you could use now. Also, it is useful to check any Google Meet or Zoom links that you many need to access. If you have to run around the house getting supplies you will most likely miss important pieces of information. This has happened to my brother and I many times, we think that being prepared before the classes, is definitely something that you should do to stay stress free and successful.[1. 2.]

2. Know what you have to do. Knowing what you have to do and when you have to do it helps with becoming more successful too. For example, if you do all of your assignments at once without needing to then you will burn yourself out.Try creating a timetable with lessons and when items are due, so that you can pace yourself and ensure things are completed in a timely manner. Remember also, that if you do not know something, communication with your teacher is important so that you do not get yourself into a pickle trying to figure out what to do.

3. Turn things in on time. Getting your assignments turned in and done before they are due is something that you should try and do. This way you will come out with less homework, meaning you can get off the screens sooner. Getting things in on time also prevents late grades which can lower your average. Again, I recommend a timetable or calendar to make a note of dates when assignments are due.[3. 4.]

4. Take Breaks This is one of the most important things to do when you are online learning. Taking breaks is very important because if you do not you may get eyestrain or a headache. I think you should take a break for about 5 to 10 minutes after every hour online at least. This way your brain gets a break, making it ready for more learning. I take breaks when I can and it has helped me calm myself when I am confused or stressed. Then when I have calmed down, I get back up and try again, often with better results. Examples of breaks are: getting a glass of water, riding your bike or walking, doing a drawing, playing with a pet or taking them on a walk and anything you like doing away from the screens.[ 5. 6.]

5. Good Routine. Having a routine is something that helped my family and I through online school. Routines are especially good for children from ages 4-12 because it is something that the kids can count on in times of uncertainty and stress. When designing a routine, remember to focus on a balance of screen time, food breads and screen breaks. Staying on screens for longer than a few hours is not healthy for kids. Kids who have a routine also get in better moods when they know what they are doing, this makes it easier to get things done without a hassle. [7. 8.]

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Pen Pals During COVID-19

For the past two years we have had to suffer lockdowns and hours of boredom. My family and I have been in lockdown more than twice and we think that getting bored is horrible. So I think that if you’re someone in lockdown or maybe just someone looking to get creative, pen paling is a great way to do it.

How Do I Find I Pen Pal? Finding Pen Pals can be one of the hardest things about starting pen paling. There are so many websites, so many offline accounts and lots of things to do! But don’t worry, I can offer some tips.

Websites. Finding a website is hard because there are numerous of options to choose from. I found all of my pen pals on the website Global Pen Friends. It is a free website that allows you to search for your ideal pen pal in no time. All you have to do is make an account, search for your ideal pen pal, choose one other online person from the results of your search and then send them a message and wait for a reply. The website is for all ages from 5-99 years of age so if you want to sign your kids or even yourself up, you can! If you are interested in finding your pen pal on global pen friends then click the link on the right: https://www.globalpenfriends.com [1.]

How to Identify A Hacker. Hackers like to pretend to be normal people like us. This way its easier to drag people into clicking viruses or trick them into being scammed. Hackers often use things like online video games and common apps like face book but they also sometimes have accounts on pen pal websites. So to make sure you know what to do if you encounter a hacker here are a few ways to identify them:

1.They often don’t have an account photo: Hackers do this a lot because it hides their identity so its harder to track them down if you call the authorities. But also remember that just because they don’t have a photo doesn’t mean that they’re a hacker, they may have just not uploaded one yet.

2.They will ask for personal details before getting to know you: This is a common thing hackers also like to do. This way they can access your personal information without having to reveal too much to you. If someone asks for your details straight away you have two options, either you can ignore them and delete their contact or you can change the subject. But either way, be careful before you reveal any information. They could be using you just to get information to hack your sites or computer.

What Do I Send Them? I personally like to send my pen pals little gifts in the letters I send them. I give them things like sticker pads, temporary tattoos and other flat gifts. But you do not have to send them anything if you do not want to, I just think it makes the letter extra special.

Speaking of letters, I suggest it is a good idea to write one. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, if you like you could just ask a few questions and tell them a bit about yourself. You can look up ideas of what to write on the internet if you need too. So personally I think its a good idea to just send one small, flat gift and a letter, that makes it nice and balanced! [2.3.]

Is It Worth It? I think that it is worth getting a pen pal, especially if you’re bored at home. Its a great way to get creative and have a bit of fun. But you have to make sure that if you are going to get a pen pal you have to stay fully committed or else you will end up loosing contact and then you will have to find another pen pal. So in conclusion, I believe that having a pen pal is a great idea as long as you are willing to put a lot of effort in and try your hardest. If you do all of this, then you will begin to build a great relationship with your new pen pal.

References: 1. https://www.globalpenfriends.com



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Why You Should Adopt Your Pet From A Shelter…

Today I am going to talk about something that is very important to me and I’m sure, to many other people as well: Where you buy your pet from?

Expensive Pets, many people choose expensive, posh pets instead of buying a pet from a pet shelter. I think that this is extremely wrong, especially when there are so many sad, unfortunate animals that are looking for a home. But if you currently own a pet that you didn’t buy from the animal shelter or pound then please don’t kick it out just because that was where you bought it, please just try to think ahead in the future. [ 1. 2. ]

Please don’t adopt if you aren’t ready! Pets that live at the animal shelter are there in the first place is because their owner couldn’t take care of them. It is a common for pets to be kicked out or sold because the owner couldn’t take care of them. If you are planning on adopting a pet you have to make sure you know how to look after it and care for it. If you are unable to care for a pet then I think you should wait a while before you decide to adopt. So kids, even though it might not seem fair I think its easier to get a pet fish first… [ 3. 4. ]

A Pets Lifestyle. If you do end up buying a pet you need to know how to look after it. There are a variety of pets that you can buy or adopt. But they all have different needs. As an owner, you will need to spend some time learning what your particular pet needs to be happy and healthy. For example -for a cat, you need to clean its kitty litter and let it outside for fresh air. For a dog you might need to play with it and take it on a walk with you. A bird will require a suitable cage so it can fly around to get exercise and for a fish you’ll need to clean its bowl and feed it daily. Pets have different needs depending on what type of animal you have. You also need to clean their living area on a weekly basis. Whether its a dirty kitty litter or a large fish tank, you need to make sure everything is clean and ready for your animals to enjoy. If you don’t know how to do this then you should be able to find some articles and videos online.[5. 6.]

Thank you for reading my post and please remember that if you buy a pet you have to be fully committed and cater for all their needs, Thank You. By: Lily Hall

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Should Your Kid Start A Blog?

This question crosses many peoples mind when they think about child bloggers. And to be honest, its a really hard question to answer. But in this post I am going to try as best as I can to explain the down sides and the upsides of whether your child should start a blog.

The Down Sides. Being a blogger myself, this isn’t something I often like talking about, but every blogger knows that there’s always a downside to blogging. Let’s start with a pretty common problem can become quite annoying, You eventually run out of ideas! I have had this happen to me many times but eventually you’ll be able to find something to write about. Although it may not come to you straight away, after some thinking you will find the inspiration you need!

The second problem that is unfortunate and is harder to find a solution for is Cyber-Bullies and sometimes, hackers. Every parent knows what a Cyber- Bully and/or a hacker is. Parents may know how to avoid and get rid of them, but with kids it’s another story. Before giving the child their own blog, you should educate them about hackers and Cyber-Bullies so that in-case it happens they will know how to deal with them. In case you are wondering more about cyber bullying, here’s a short video that will briefly educate you about it:https://youtu.be/6ctd75a7_Yw [1. 2. 3.]

Writing Skills and Typing. Some kids dislike writing as they think its pointless and boring. But if your wanting to change your child’s view on writing and grammar, I think that a blog may be the way to do that. Kids these days love devices and technology, so they can’t understand the point of writing stories and essays on paper. Well, a blog is a place where they can practice writing and typing as well as sharing their stories and point of view about the world. [ 4. 5.]

How Do Help? Helping your child to start a blog is easier than you think, you simply need to support them by doing things like: Giving them a few tips and advice, sharing the blog over all of your social media accounts and you could also helping them find pictures and/or videos for their posts. Remember these are just a few ideas and ways to help. Remember, the possibilities are endless all you have to do is try it!

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An Australian Mum

In this post I will be doing another interview similar to the My Aussie Brother Interview that I did about two months ago. But this time I am going to interview my mother and ask her what its like being the mother of two crazy Australian kids!

1.What is the best part of travelling with family?

I think the best part about travelling with family is having different experiences and learning about other countries with my children. (3. 4.)

2.What is the worst part about travelling with family?

Feeling homesick for Australia and missing family and friends.

3.What is the best part about living in Australia?

The nature and outdoor lifestyle. (1,2)

4. What is the worst part about living in Australia?

Australia seems very distant from the rest of the world.

5.What is the worst part about living in Thailand?

Smoky season because it is so unhealthy.

6. What is the best part about living in Thailand?

The cheap, delicious and abundant food.

7. What are the top three qualities you look for in a friend and why?

I value a friend who is fun, easy going and interesting to talk to.

8. Use three words to describe Thailand

The three words I use to describe Thailand are colourful, diverse, and intriguing .

9.Use three words to describe Australia

The three words I use to describe Australia are vast, remote and scenic.

References: 1.https://www.planetware.com/australia/top-rated-beaches-in-australia-aus-1-32.htm